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Colleges applying for admission to the 2020 RussMatt Softball Central Florida Invitational. If interested, you’ll want to register early as we expect all weeks of the tournament to fill up quickly and the best lodging options fill up early.

Important Information For The 2020 RussMatt Softball Central Florida Invitational
    • Registration Deadline: November 1, 2019.
    • Registration Fee: $175 one time non-refundable fee (not a deposit) due within three weeks post-registration, $25 discount if paid by cash or ACH
    • Rainout Refund Policy: Games not started due to rain will be refunded at the rate of $45 per team. Any game/practice started but not completed due to rain will not be refunded.
    • Game/Practice Fees: Game fee is $90 per team/game, Practice fee is $25 per hour. All game/practice fees are due by February 1, 2020.
  • Please make your check payable to:

Hotels/Houses/Condos: All teams participating in the 2020 RussMatt Central Florida Invitational are required to stay at one of our host properties or pay $4 per player/coach per night (last option on the drop down lodging reservation menu below). We have contracted with several franchise hotels , condos and vacation homes in the area, securing low group rates for teams, parents and umpires. The small rebate we receive provides us with a modest profit while helping to offset field, umpire, administrative and insurance costs.

Teams are not allowed to book directly with hotels, condos or vacation homes. RussMatt LLC will make your reservations based on the information provided on the registration form below.

Please visit the hotels tab and then indicate your first two choices of hotels/houses/condos on the form below. Based on this information, we will make every effort to reserve your choices in a timely manner, notifying a team representative of your reservation status by phone, fax or email.

RussMatt obligation regarding the relationship of tournament host hotels/houses/condos and participating teams ends after confirming the team’s reservation with both the hotel/houses/condos and a team representative.

Some hotels/houses/condos will send a rooming contract to individual coaches, others will not. Teams are not booked at their RussMatt LLC contracted hotel/house/condo until a team representative confirms the reservation made by RussMatt LLC directly with the hotel/house/condo group sales manager.

It is recommended that coaches register early as our special group rates are only good for availability. In order for parents to receive the RussMatt Central Florida Invitational team rate, coaches must book the rooms as part of their block.

Should you have any questions about the hotels or want to book by phone please call Rob Sitz at 407-694-6511 or Rob@RussMatt.com.

Open 2020 registration form

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