Budget and Dollar/Thrifty are the official rent-a-car companies for RussMatt Invitationals. Our parent/fan discount rates are the lowest on the internet for spring break tournaments. Reserve your rent-a-car now buy clicking on the links below or calling the 1-800 number and giving the booking agent the applicable RussMatt discount code listed below.

Click here to reserve your Budget vehicle or call 800-772-3773 and give the reservation specialist the RussMatt Baseball discount code, U069605.

Thrifty cars/vans can be reserved at the special RussMatt link here or by calling 877-896-1722 and giving the RussMatt discount code 3028782.

To reserve vehicles with Dollar and receive RussMatt discount click here or call 877-896-1720 and give the booking agent RussMatt code 3028783.

We have also added Advantage Rent A Car as a van rental partners, Advantage Rent A Car. Advantage has service at Tampa and Orlando International Airports and is offering discounted rates of about $700 per week for the big vans to RussMatt teams.

Advantage Rent A Car vans and cars can be reserved at the Advantage/RussMatt discount link here (discount code embedded) or by calling Patti Williams at 407-271-3290.

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