NCAA Softball rules are in effect for all games.

Both teams will supply all game balls as needed.

The home plate umpire shall keep official game line-ups and substitutions.

If necessary, the home team shall designate a scoreboard operator.

Each team shall have an official scorer.

If there is no operational scoreboard, each team’s official scorer shall verify the score with the opponent after each inning.

JV vs. JV games will have a 1:50 time limit on those games.

Mercy Rule:

8 runs after 5 or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead

Halted Game:

All suspended games due to rain, darkness, field light failure, curfew or field lights/time restrictions, where 5 innings or more (4½ if the home team is ahead) have been completed, shall be declared an official game. Should a tie score regulation game (5 completed innings or 4½ completed innings if the home team is ahead) be suspended due to rain, darkness, field light failure, curfew or field lights/time restrictions, it may be resumed if the coaches agree to do so during pre-game ground rules.


If a rules interpretation is questioned during the course of a game, the coach challenging the ruling should call timeout and protest the game with the home plate umpire before the next pitch (protest cannot be heard if not made before the next pitch). The home plate umpire will stop the game and he or she will follow the procedures as laid out in the NCAA Softball Rule Book, Rule 7.2


Although we cannot guarantee rain-outs will be rescheduled, every effort will be made to make up those games based on availability of fields and opponents.

In the event that days are partially rained out, rescheduling will be done at the discretion of the tournament and/or site director.

Games not started due to rain will be refunded at the rate of $45 per team.  Any game/practice started but not completed due to rain will not be refunded.

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